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FoxMixer is an outstanding, high quality bitcoin mixing service that makes mixing bitcoins as easy as never before. No matter if you have bought new bitcoins, you want to buy or sell something using bitcoins or you intend to pay out bitcoins to another currency. Without mixing, bitcoins can be easily traced back to you. By everyone in the world who has access to the internet! As the protocol of bitcoin is open, it is easy to find out about your transactions and behaviour.

FoxMixer is the state-of-the-art service for restoring and keeping security and privacy in the bitcoin ecosystem. FoxMixer accepts your bitcoins, mixes them in a huge and constantly changing pool of bitcoins and returns a new and fully independent set of bitcoins. This simple procedure makes the backtracing of transactions impossible.

Some Highlights

Detailed Progress Overview

A detailed status page informs about the current progress of every mix. It allows for a quick overview of all relevant information at any time.
After a new mix is created, the individual status page is the central and reliable source of information throughout the whole lifecycle of the mix. As soon as the status of the mix changes, this page updates automatically in the background, so no reloading is necessary at all.
It is recommended to bookmark this page in your browser for quick and easy access.

Mixcodes - Different Coins Each Time

Despite our huge mixing volume, there would be still a chance to receive previous coins from an earlier mix.
To prevent this, FoxMixer supports unique mixcodes. Every new mix that is created with a mixcode is guaranteed to never receive coins from earlier mixes with that same mixcode again.
This allows for easy and risk-free bitcoin mixing, even in the long-term.

Transaction Origin Randomization

Most of the modern blockchain analysis services analyze the broadcast origin of a transaction. Operating multiple nodes in multiple countries allows them to trace where a transaction arrives first and by what IP address it is broadcasted.
FoxMixer uses a global network of transaction broadcast servers to entirely randomize the origin of broadcasted transactions. Each mix payout is randomly broadcasted from a different IP address, providing best-you-can-get location privacy.

Deep Mempool Analysis

Many transactions get into the focus of analysis because they stand out from the masses.
For example, if you expect a payout of 4 BTC and at the time of the payout, only transactions of 0.01 BTC get done, it is evident that analysts will focus on your transaction first.
FoxMixer proactively prevents this privacy leak by its unique "Deep Mempool Analysis". This technology actively monitors the volume of current transactions in the bitcoin mempool and shifts payouts to the perfect timeslot, if necessary.
For example, if at one minute mainly transactions in the order of 0.01 BTC get done, your transaction will be preponed or delayed by some minutes and by that shifted to a timeslot where more transactions around 4 BTC occur on average.

FoxMixer is fast

You can decide whether your bitcoins should be credited back to you as quickly as possible, or if a time delay should be added. A delayed and randomized payout increases your privacy even more, as it makes an analysis of time correlation between the payin and payout process impossible.

FoxMixer means privacy

Our service never requires any personal details about you. Not even an email address is necessary. After your mixing has been done, all details about that mixing process will be deleted automatically. Nobody will ever know about this mixing process.

FoxMixer is supportive

Even though FoxMixer is highly optimized and works 24/7, it may always happen that you have a question or there is something else we can help you with. Just send our support team a message, and we will take care of your concern.

FoxMixer is secure

For every created mix, you will get a signed Letter of Guarantee which serves as a security certificate through the entire mixing process. Beyond that, FoxMixer was coded in a very modern programming language that works highly accurate and tests the servers and all systems automatically. The low minimum payin amount is perfect for trying out the mixer with a small amount of bitcoins first, in order to get a feeling of how it behaves. We are sure, you will love it.

FoxMixer is responsive

You will have a great time experiencing FoxMixer throughout all platforms. A highly dynamic layout and content loader makes delays a thing of the past. Using our new and interactive mobile layout allows you to mix your coins even on the go.

FoxMixer was made with experience

Our team of passionate coders put their hard work into the design of FoxMixer and the sophisticated mixing algorithms, because we love the idea of a decentralized currency and the right of everyone's self-determined privacy. We think that today, this is necessary more than ever!